Moving Checklist

As you prepare to purchase your new home, you need to remember all the details
involved in moving. Making a detailed checklist is the best way to ensure that your
move into your new home is happy experience. Some of the things that you should
include on your list are:
1. Cancel existing home owners or renters insurance and arrange for new home
  owners insurance policy. If you have not had home insurance before, your
  real estate agent should be able to provide some references. Check with at
  least two or three providers before choosing a specific one, in order to
  make sure you are getting the best coverage for the best price.
2. Arrange for a mover. You should get quotes from a few moving companies
  and make arrangements as early as possible to make sure you get the time
  slot you want.
3. Contact utility companies to cancel existing accounts and arrange for new
  a. Water
  b. Telephone
  c. Gas & electric
  d. Cable or satellite TV
  e. Internet access
  f. Garbage
4. Change address for all subscriptions
  a. Newspapers
  b. Magazines
  c. Newsletters
5. Change address for financial and other accounts
  a. Bank accounts
  b. Investment accounts, including direct investments in mutual funds
  c. Retirement accounts
  d. Credit card accounts
  e. Frequent flyer programs
6. Send change of address cards to
  a. Family
  b. Friends
  c. Neighbors
  d. Doctors
  e. Dentist
  f. Pharmacist
  g. Gym
  h. Professional associations
7. Fill out change of address information with the US Postal Service
  a. This can be done online at
8. Change you address with government offices and documents
  a. Department of Motor Vehicles
  b. Passport
  c. Registrar of Voters